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Our History

Harrison's Supplies Ltd has been the saviour to many for the past 47 years, whether it being contractors, mechanics or right through to the home handy man, finding specialised parts and equipment that are often hard to source.

Founded in 1968 by the late Nick Harrison, the business employed two staff. Even in the early days the business made it a priority to locate hard to find parts.


In 1989, Richard (Dick) and Dawn Ryan purchased the business and when they were ready to retire, in keeping with the ‘Family Owned & Operated’ tradition, their son, Kevin Ryan, took over the business. Kevin remains the director of Harrison’s Supplies today. 


Dick Ryan and Nick Harrison were the founding team members of Harrison's Supplies.

Locally Owned, Harrison’s Supplies employs six full-time and one part-time team members.

With Kevin at the helm, Harrison's Supplies have extended their product range to include more brands and products to meet client demand in today's competitive market. 

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